Our history

It all began in the beginning of the 80s … during a family meal, René Carignant and his son Claude had the idea of an original alternative to classic tourism: showing the Charolais-Brionnais area in a new and unconventional way, by sailing on the canal, on a leisure accommodation boat… The adventure began under the name Les Canalous, with two boats and gains followers every year.

They took over the manufacturing of Espade boats in Apoigny which grew their rental fleet in answer to their growing business’s needs. In the hope of diversifying their range and supplying their customers with functional and comfortable boats suitable for the pleasures of river navigation backed by Gilbert Caroff, a famous architect in the maritime field, they imagined the Triton, Tarpon and Fred series. Some of them have been certified for maritime navigation. These boats are very successful and much appreciated by rental professionals and customers not to mention the individuals who own them.

The RECLA shipyard which was to become CPC has a very good reputation. As passionate and determined as in the beginning, our team is always on the lookout for innovative projects and endlessly imagining new boats. As a result the Toue Cabanée and Fredaine were born. One boat may hide another, so be reassured that the CPC shipyard won’t stop at that and that we still have great surprises in store…

1989: Acquisition of the Espade shipyard in Apoigny
1990: The Triton 860 was launched, the Espade Shipyard in Apoigny moved to Digoin and became RECLA
1991: The Tarpon 42 was launched
1992: The Triton 1050 was launched
1993: The Tarpon 37 and Wanday were launched
1995: The Fred 700 was launched
1996: The RECLA shipyard became CPC
2001: The Tarpon 49 was launched
2006: The Tarpon 32 was launched
2009: The Espade 1500 was launched
2011: The Toue Cabanée was launched
2012: The Fredaine was launched
2014: The Péniches (1030 Flying Bridge, 1190 Flying Bridge, 1260, 1500, etc.) were remade.
2016: The new ‘La Peniche’ model was launched for demanding owners wanting to live and navigate all year round on a comfortable boat.