1/Which boats can I buy using a MIR contract?

Only the boats put forward by Les Canalous rental company are eligible for the MIR contract. They meet rental criteria. They are mainly boats built by the CPC shipyard, the Tarpon, Péinichettes, Espad, Trion and Toue models, either new or second-hand. Their size varies between seven and fifteen metres and they have a capacity of between two and twelve people and they retail at between €35,000 and €240,000. Contact us to see what we have available.

2/Can I buy my boat with other people?

Yes, a group of individuals may have joint ownership of a boat through a MIR contract.

3/Where will my boat be based?

Boats in the MIR contract scheme are operated by Les Canalous rental company, they are consequently, based in one of our 20 departure bases spread over six sailing areas (Burgundy, Midi/Camargue, Lot, Charente, Pays de Loire and Alsace).

4/What is the term of the MIR contract?

Ten seasons for new boats and six seasons for second-hand ones.

5/How much is the rent?

The rent collected by the owner depends on the model of the boat, the owner’s private use of it and the term of the management contract. Annual rental performance is between 5.5% and 7.5% for an initial investment of between €35,000 and €240,000.

6/If my boat is rarely or not rented at all, how much rent will I collect?

The amount stated in the contract, the annual rent forecast is guaranteed and is not subject to any occupation conditions.

7/Is the annual rent taxable? Under what system?

Yes, the rent is taxable under industrial and commercial profits. Nevertheless, the income collected is net of taxes and charges as the depreciation of the boat (over eight or fifteen years) is higher than the rent collected.

8/Must I create a company in order to buy through a MIR contract?

No, the boat being operated by a professional rental company does not constitute a regular commercial activity, it is an occasional commercial activity. This does not imply the owner to be registered on the trade register, only an INSEE number in France is required.


9/What holiday benefits do I have?

Within the framework of the MIR contract, you may benefit from up to twelve weeks of use of your boat or an equivalent model in one of Les Canalous 20 bases: six weeks are free and six weeks are at a special price, under conditions.

10/What maintenance costs must I pay on my boat?

None. You confer the management of your boat to Les Canalous rental company who will cover the costs of your boat, i.e.: port taxes, navigation dues, company real estate contributions (CFE), insurance and yearly maintenance. Your boat will be treated the same as all boats which make up Les Canalous’s fleet.

11/Why should I trust Les Canalous rental company with the purchase of my boat through a MIR contract?

Firstly, thanks to our experience and our place as a leader in river tourism.

Les Canalous is a French rental company with over thirty years of experience. We are a major player in the canal boat rental field in France and the 3rd largest rental company in Europe. We manage a fleet of almost 250 boats.

Also Les Canalous’ has partners and an FPP Travel commercial network, and networks with the many institutions which govern sailing and tourist activities. Les Canalous Group FPP Travel network is a member of the French Nautical Industries Federation (FIN) and a member of Atout France and The French National Association of Travel Agents (SNAV).

In addition, from a legal point of view, our network has a financial guarantee supplied by the French Professional Association of Tourism Solidarity (APST) and third part liability insurance with Allianz. The MIR contract is governed by French law and approved by French tax authorities.

Lastly, for the soundness and comfort of our boats. They are mostly built at the CPC shipyard, specialising in the construction of canal boats for almost thirty years.

12/What happens at the term of the contract?

You have three options:

  • You can recover your boat on the day your contract ends to dispose of it entirely.
  • You can resell your boat, either independently or through the intermediary of Les Canalous’s sales department.
  • You can renew the MIR contract by automatic annual renewal.

Details and conditions upon simple request